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Q1   What are the benefits of becoming a Family Day Care Educator?

If the idea of running your own childcare business from home with the support of the Co-ordination Unit appeals to you then why not give us a call.  As an educator you can:

  • Run a business from home.
  • Work with children 0 to 13 years.
  • Look after your own children while working.
  • Work independently under the guidance from the Co-ordination Unit.
  • Have company for your own children.
  • Be part of a team of local child care Educators.
  • Enjoy the support and resources from the Co-ordination Unit.

Q2    What do I need to become a Family Day Care Educator?

  • Hold a Certificate III in Children’s Services or above, or be enrolled and actively working towards Certificate III qualification.
  • Complete the registration process including interviews, referee reports, working with children checks and scheme induction and training.
  • Your home (care area) must meet National and local Scheme safety standards.
  • Attend ongoing professional development.
  • Be committed to providing a professional high quality education and care service.
  • Be 18 years or over and have current Senior First Aid Certificate, recognised Asthma and Anaphylaxis training or be willing to obtain one.
  • Public liability insurance.

Q3   What about income?

Educators are self employed and set their own fees taking into account business costs and affordability. Parents pay the Educator direct their portion of the fee, while the Co-ordination Unit pays the Childcare Benefit portion fortnightly to the Educator.

Q4   What is a Co-ordination Unit or Scheme?

A Family Day Care Scheme consists of the Educators who provide the primary care in a licensed family day care venuee and the Co-ordination Unit office is where the service is managed and administered. The parents’ first contact is with the Co-ordination Unit.  Coffs Harbour Family Day Care has a coordination unit located at ‘The Cottage’ 2 Peterson Road, Coffs Harbour. The local coordination unit provides educators, families and community members the convenience of local service.

Q5   What is the role of the Co-ordination Unit?

 The Co-ordination Unit manages and administers the Family Day Care Scheme. The staff recruit, select, train, support and monitor educators. They organise the family requests for care and monitor the children’s welfare in care. Coffs Harbour Family Day Care provides families and educators with access to resources, advice and links to other services that may assist with the education, care and development of children.

Q6   How do families find an Educator?

Families contact the Co-ordination unit with their request for care. A suitable Educator is contacted regarding the placement and an enrolment process is undertaken. Where possible, more than one Educator is available for families to meet.

Q7   Is Family Day Care regulated?

Yes, all Family Day Care Schemes are regulated under Education and Care Services National Regulations and the Education and Care Services National Law 2010. The numbers of children in each Family Day Care home is regulated.

Q8  How many children can an Educator have in care?

Educators can care for 4 children under school age and up to a total of 7 children under 13 years of age. Coffs Harbour Family Day Care recommends that educators, where possible, only have two children less than 2 years of age in care at any one time.

Q9   Do Educators go out with the children in vehicles?

Many Educators transport children in vehicles to engage in community based activities such as play session, shopping or park play. Educators are required to have a safety check regarding the appropriate child care restraints and are required to conduct and document risk assessments on all excursion venues and prepare excursion management plans. Educators are required to discuss their routine excursions with families at the time of enrolments and provide families access to the risk assessments. Parents must provide written authorities for excursions.

Q10   What do the other members of my family need to know or do?

The involvement of an educator’s family is an extremely important aspect of the family day care experience.  All family members over the age of 18 years residing at the family day care premises will need to consent to a ‘Working with Children Check’.

Educators need to have the support of all family members for the family day care experience to be of benefit to everyone.

Q11  Where will I access training?

Coffs Harbour Family Day Care conducts an initial educator induction program for potential educators and provides ongoing training and offers other training opportunities for educators. Educators need to have a current First Aid Certificate, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training.  This training is not provided by the Scheme.

Q12  What about taxation?

Family day care educators are responsible for setting their own fees and business practices.  Educators are required to have an ABN as educators are conducting their own business.  Educators are responsible for establishing and maintaining their own business records. Educators’ are encouraged to seek advice from an accountant in relation to record keeping for this purpose

Q13  Who pays superannuation?

Educators are not employees of Coffs Harbour Family Day Care and are responsible for their own superannuation arrangements

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